Vija N.

I am a 65 year old woman who had a total right hip replacement in January 2013. Dr. Peter Thadani performed the surgery using the “anterior” method. Four years previously, I had the left hip replaced using the “posterior” method –this was with another surgeon who has since retired. I want to share my experience with other patients who are contemplating having a hip replacement surgery performed.

My first surgery went well – I have recovered completely – but it was a long recovery due to the fact that muscles are actually cut in order to replace the hip. As such, my “quad” muscle was paralyzed for several weeks. After the surgery, I transferred to a rehab facility for nine days where I had physical therapy sessions twice a day – every day. When I came home, I had PT sessions at home for two weeks before I could drive to out-patient therapy. I continued out-patient physical therapy for three months. The most difficult aspect on my recovery after the first surgery was to adhere to all of the “precautions” – I had to sit a certain way, had to sleep in a certain way, I could not bend down to pick up anything, could not raise my foot to put on my shoes – the list goes on and on.

When it was time for my second surgery, I was looking for a surgeon because my surgeon had retired. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Thadani by the minister of our church. Dr. Thadani had replaced her hip with wonderful results and he had replaced her mother’s hip as well. Her mother had one hip replaced some years ago via the “posterior” method and then Dr. Thadani performed the second surgery using the “anterior” method. The mother said that she could not believe the difference between the two experiences – so I was “sold” and made my appointment to see Dr. Thadani.

I had my surgery on a Monday afternoon and returned to my home that Thursday morning. I used a walker to get up the outdoor steps but once in the house, I put the walker aside and walked upstairs to my bedroom to shower and change my clothes. There were no precautions – no limitations – it was just absolutely unbelievable that I could be so mobile after a mere 48 hours post surgery. I had two weeks of in-home PT and then six sessions at out-patient PT. I was back to work exactly four weeks from the date of the surgery. My co-workers could not believe their eyes – matter of fact, they couldn’t believe that I had returned from surgery without any assistive devices, no limp – truly amazing.

Dr. Thadani is a very skilled surgeon but he is also a very humble and kind man. Humility is not a trait common to surgeons as you probably know from your experiences. He and his staff have always been so kind, so professional, so attentive – I just cannot express the joy and gratitude I feel for having my mobility restored with this new hip.

If you are considering this surgery, please have no qualms about it – go for it! You’re in the hands of a very talented and skilled surgeon – he will do his best for you – and I know that you will be more than satisfied with the results.