Dr. Thadani's Use of MyKnee®

The knee is the largest and most complex joint of our body. It has a very hard job: carrying our body weight. Thus, it is not surprising that the knees are the joints which are the most vulnerable to injuries or to develop degenerative joint diseases.

One of the consequences of any joint disease is pain.

Statistics show that roughly one third of the American population over the age of 45 suffers knee pain. Knee pain limits your daily activities, affects your mood, your health and, definitely, your general well-being. You want to get rid of the pain and you can!

There are different solutions, surgical and non surgical, which can treat your disease.

In case of advanced arthrosis, the knee pain and stiffness severely limit your life and your physician may suggest you undergo a total knee replacement. Dr. Thadani uses MyKnee®, because it utilizes a patient-specific cutting block, allowing him to realize his pre-operative 3D planning, based on CT or MRI images of the patient’s knee. This innovative concept combines different features giving potential benefits to the patient.

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